The ONE and ONLY...

ROLLING Chicken Stick

Time to put that paint roller back in the paint shed where it belongs...
Time to stop putting rings around your spinner with an electric starter...
Time to throw away the welding glove (it really isn't going to protect your hand anyway)...
And time to STEP UP to the SAFEST and BEST way to start your RC airplane engine with the ONE and ONLY...

ROLLING Chicken Stick.

The safest and best way to start your RC airplane engine.

Works on the smallest Nitro engines to the giant gas engines.

The unique feature of the ROLLING Chicken Stick. is, of course, the rolling action of the padded roller. The 1/8 inch vinyl covered roller keeps this starting stick from scratching and damaging the fine edge of your expensive prop.
No more fibers lodged in your prop from dragging a paint roller across it.
No more rings around your shiny new spinner from electric starters.
And most importantly...No more risking broken fingers!


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How to use your ROLLING Chicken Stick.

Actual photo of a prop strike injury.
Source > Read Post # 112 & 118


Made in the from high-impact materials.
All of the grip styles have the same generous 5-inch padded roller.

To all my valued customers/friends; due to an impending spinal surgery, I am suspending the manufacturing and delivery of any further Rolling Chicken Sticks for approximately the next three (3) months. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Take care and stay safe. - Richard.06-04-17

* Grip Style #1 *
This is the recommended "One Size Starts All", from the nitro's to the giant gassers.


* Grip Style #2 *
These have a slightly shorter grip.
If you're starting mostly nitro's you may like the feel of this grip style.


(View of the Back of the Roller.)

* Grip Style #3 *
These have a slightly longer grip.
If you're starting mostly giant gassers you may like the feel of this grip style.

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